Qatari advertising company

Who we are

“NQASHAT” is a Qatari advertising company. it is a heritage Arabic name, which it means the first symbol the human made to expresses himself on the cave walls as the first visual language in the world to communicate and send message to his community. That’s why “NQASHAT” have a great team with excellent background in visual vocabularies and advertising field due to working with national and international clients.

What we do

“NQASHAT” has an application which called “Qatar” to help people in Qatar to advertise in all the Qatari’s newspapers in anytime and anywhere thru mobile or website. “NQASHAT” is specialist in branding, and it has a creative team to handle different advertising campaigns, advertisement services, illustrations, social media services, graphic design, 3d works, content copy-writing, photo editing and videography.

Why choosing us

“NQASHAT” is your creative partner which can help your business to be well advertised and to add special artistic sense that will make them positioned aptly in consumers mind.

Contact Us

Al Nasr tower (B) - Al Cornish

P.O.Box: 23264 Doha

Mob.: (+974) 70714284

Tel.: (+974) 44994654

Fax: (+974) 44994234